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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Onward Ho

I'm thinking it's time to reload and start working on rebuilding the bankroll. In order to do that, I think being a bonus ho is probably the best way to go, seeing as I play mini- (if not micro-) limits. I'll probably be playing $0.25-$0.50 to $1-2 limit and possibly $25NL. I enjoy playing O/8, but other than micro-limit SnGs it hasn't been profitable. I don't play enough to make rakeback a big deal, either.

If anyone has suggestions as to where to go, I'm happy to hear them. Feel free to comment or email me (address at right). I already have accounts at most of the big boys (Party, Stars, Full Tilt, Paradise, Noble, a couple of Prima sites), so it'd be reloads only there. I'm thinking about checking out Pacific (lousy software or not), PokerRoom, possibly Ultimate Bet or Absolute. I'll hit some of the forums (fora?) for information on what's available, but frankly I appreciate and trust the advice of professional poker bloggers more than I do that of anonymous internet schlubs.


PokerNinja said...

If you are risk-averse, you can't do better than $25PLO8 tables at Party (Bonus Code Iggy &^%$#&) Assume 700 raked hands for $100 max bonus. This is the typical monthly reload. Also, assume every single hand is raked. At full ring, this means every single hand you're earning $0.14, and every 10 hands you're paying $0.35 in blinds. So, if you fold EVERY hand, you're making $1.05 per orbit, with zero risk. Now, not every hand is raked, but it's close to 80% or so. And nothing says you can't play your small and big blind hands that everyone limps in and you flop wheels, boats and flushes :-) So, open 4 tables of full ring $25PLO8, and 3 to 6 hours later you've cleared your bonus with no effort or thought on your part at all.

Meek said...

ScurvyDog from has a nice bonus summary site.

TripJax said...

Man I'd say which ever site you choose, you should definitely do it through PokerSourceOnline. You usually get a better bonus than normally offered at the poker site, plus you get a free gift from PSO. I cleared one bonus with UltimateBet easily through them and earned a set of 500 chips with aluminum case. It was delivered in less than 3 days - FREE. Very cool. My plan is to clear 3 more sites to get an iPod. The site is legit and it kicks ass...they are adding sites all the time. Check it out man.

And if you decide it's all good, think of dear old TripJax when you're signing up!

I think right now UltimateBet and BoDog might be good ones to go through at PSO...easily cleared. Also, I think there is a September promotion for a site called Titan. I know nothing about it, but PSO is giving away more and Titan might be too. I'm gonna check it out when I get home tonight (can't from work...).

Good luck no matter what you decide.

Drizztdj said...

Join me in the $50 PLO8 tables at Party!

I need someone to laminate with after yet another suckout.

Adrian20XX said...

My advice is to do one of the sign up of offers that some of the affiliates like Pokersourceonline or PokerListings have.
First chose a site, then chose the affiliate that gives you the more value for signing.
PokerListings is the benchmark, as they usually have a higher deposit bonus, that is what you should compare against the value of the gifts you get on top of the sign up bonus.
On my weblog you can find a list of the affiliates and the analisys of the sign up that some of them offer.
If you chose PSO as the affiliate, review also the offers there, as sometimes as with Poker Tracker, the Copag Cards, or other you can get more value by doing the points and then buying the same exact item.
Regards ...