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Monday, September 26, 2005

The New Black

Nothing posted lately for a reason - not much going on. I did finally get reloaded, and ho'd Bodog for a decent win plus a poker chipset (Hopefully TripJax gets a couple bucks out of that deal too). Moved on to Titan for the WPBT event and another ho opportunity.

The WPBT even was uneventful, a non-cashing 14th place. I chipped up to third place in the first hour, and then went completely dead. With the blinds escalating, I made one move that whiffed, and ended up fairly short stacked. Tried to push a preflop raiser off her hand, no luck, my A2s against her KQo. She flops trips, I don't catch the miracle flush on the river, I lose. This happens a lot.

The ring games on Titan haven't been especially kind, either. I've got about 200 hands to go and I suspect I'll just live with whatever loss I have at that point and cash out. I've been almost exactly break-even since tilting off a stack at a $50NL table. The $1/$2 6MAX tables seem to be a blogger favorite, since I've sat with Scott McM a couple times as well as Yosoyveneno and Sir Waffle Hut.

If I could remember his screen name, I'd say hello to the guy who cracked my AA with 93o yesterday. Excellent play, calling 2 cold preflop and capping the flop with bottom pair. I'm sorry that I was just tight enough not to pay you off massively after you caught your five outer.

Then again, I did cash in a MTT. For a whole $3. It was a freeroll for players who'd played X number of raked hands the prior day. If I'd only folded one more hand, I would have made the final table for at least another $2.25. Dammit. Still, free money is free money.

Like I said, not much going on. I'm headed to Minneapolis later this week, and will probably find a few hours somewhere to hit Canterbury Park for some live action.


TripJax said...

I appreciate it THG. I think those things credit on the 10th of the month so I'll check it out soon. You rock and/or roll.

May the felt be with you.

Thanks again!


Drizztdj said...

Sorry again that I couldn't make it for Canterbury :(