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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm Not About To Write A Book

I'm not about to write a book or anything, but here's some Stud/8 strategy for you:

Start with a solid low hand, say A-2/4. Preferably single or at worst double suited. Assist in capping preflop, at least five ways. Pick up another good card, like a 3, maybe even sooted. Cap again. Get a brick on fifth, go along with another cap since the three remaining opponents are betting and raising like crazy and are all obviously playing for the high (no low cards showing). Get another brick on sixth, call a bet or two because of the massive size of the pot. Get a brick on seventh and fold your no pair Ace high, no low with great disgust as some garbage hand like two pair rakes a huge pot.

Now, repeat that a couple times.

Now that you have read the above, do you think last night was a good night? If you said "no", you are correct sir (or madam in the case of my one female reader). I played two of the Stud/8 supersats and didn't come close to cashing in either. I also made a supremely dumb decision in EPT NLHE satellite, calling a river push with top two pair with a turned 3 flush on board. It was a read decision, and it turned out to be a bad one. Oops. I'll just say that I chalked up a loss of several hundred FPPs and give it another go some other time. Hopefully funds will also be in place shortly for efforts to rebuild the bankroll via bonuses.

Speaking of stud/8, greetings to blog reader and Stars player 'mohuncher', who has been crushing the WCOOP super sats. Hope you did better than I did last night.

I would've been happy to post a note about the Royal Vegas benefit tournament for the American Red Cross, but I didn't read the comment to the prior post until just now. For the record, ANY such tournament at any reputable site is worth doing. Kudos to Royal Vegas (where my current account balance is $0.35) and its players for doing what they can to help out.

1 comment:

Joe Speaker said...

My Stud Strategy Book is coming out shortly.

Chapter 1: Don't play Stud games.
Chapter 2: Especially Razz or Hi-Lo Split Versions
Chapter 3: The End.

I'll send you an autographed copy.