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Monday, September 05, 2005

If You Can't Play For Real...

It's such a shame that Labor Day weekend is drawing to a close. Here in what will soon be the frozen north, we had a perfect weekend. I've frittered it away with a fantasy football draft, a couple rounds of golf and a lot of online poker.

The latter should be interpreted loosely. I've played very little at cash games, since the online bankroll is hanging at around $20 pending reload. Instead, I've been hitting the PokerStars WCOOP and EPT FPP (frequent player points) satellites hard. I also watched some of the Full Tilt Katrina relief tourneys, sweating a couple bloggers for a while. Good playing, guys, and for a great cause. BG, I'll get you your money next time I see you - I still would have been short on the buyin, since I got rivered at a PLO/8 table shortly after you put in the transfer.

Two minor-leauge tournament scores of note. I took 8th of 790 in a NLHE WCOOP satellite last night, turning 18 FPPs into 1680 (1st through 7th made a 1800 FPP buyin to the next level). I got extremely lucky -- once, with about 25 players left, I made a critical mistake, not betting my second pair on the turn against the massive stack of the chip leader. He took the free card and made an absurd straight (I think he had 6-9 off). I didn't see the river as a scare card and called his bet -- fortunately for me, he'd bet 3,500 fewer chips than I had. I survived, doubled up a few times, and made it into the money without too much discomfort.

This morning, I finished in the top 9 (nine advance) in a 300 FPP EPT satellite, good for 3000 FPPs. I was unbelievably card dead for a long time, and couldn't even find anything to push with once my stack dipped below 5 BBs -- would you push with 6-4 off, which I had 3 hands in a row? I waited and waited, finally winning tiny pots all-in by necessity with 5-2 off and 10-3 off, the former when I had 125 chips left (average stack was about 8,000 at that point, blinds 50/100). The cards turned, I doubled up a couple times and stole my way back into contention.

It helps to be a luckbox. Down to the last 10, I'm one of four shortish stacks and find QQ under the gun. I push my 4+ BBs and pray. I get called by the big blind, who flips AA. *&^%!, I'm dead, right? Board comes 7-8-9-T, giving me six outs. I suck out with a river Q, and manage to survive for the "cash".

I also came up a bit short in a couple more limit Stud H/L satellites. I have to say, I'm enjoying playing those, and I may spend some FPPs on a Round 2 if I don't take down another satellite. I appear to have better discipline at that game than I do at Omaha/8 for some reason.

I've rambled on long enough, but I did just check in to see how the WCOOP Event #2 (PL Omaha with rebuy) was going, and fellow blogger Poker Nerd was doing well. Bring it home, Nerd! There are quite a few well known pros and 2+2 players in -- The Grinder was the chip leader last time I checked. Good luck to all who are playing.

See you on the tables. Now that I've tripled up my FPP total, then doubled it, and then multiplied that product by 10, I might as well put those suckers to work.

Edit: Got in four more satellites last night. Cashed in the evening stud hi/lo and another EPT Round 1 (300 FPP buyin). Flamed out early in a 30 FPP EPT Round 1 and bubbled in a 90 FPP PLO. I obviously know [censored] about PLO.


Tom said...

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I'm definitely going to bookmark you! I have a Tulum site/blog. It pretty much covers Tulum related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-) Tom

Adam said...


I'm trying to get the word out about a charity tournament for the victims of Hurricane Katrina on Royal Vegas Poker ( The tournaments is being held tonight at 9 p.m. EST. It's a $25 buy-in and 50% of the prize pool is going to the American Red Cross. Could you please help in getting the word out by posting something on your blog. Thanks so much.

julesbeezy said...

Oh yeah. I read about that Royal Vegas tourney. There are a lot of them going on, but I heard Lou Krieger is playing in this one as well and has a $100 dollar bounty on his head that goes to the American Red Cross. I think I read that whoever knocks him out gets an autographed copy of his new book too.