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Monday, August 01, 2005

Send Me To The Minors Already

I'm in a slump. The last week or so has been some of the worst poker I've ever seen, and it's been played by me. Please excuse the venting.

I think I mentioned a lousy session at Party early in the week. Well, I followed that up with a spectacularly stupid mini-session at Full Tilt, leaving me with essentially just what I have on Prima and the couple hundred bucks of earlier profits held in reserve. Not much.

The capper was playing, if you can call it that, in Saturday's home game. Five players (including BG), two NL tournaments. Finished fifth in the first. Made a stupid overaggressive play with QQ to lose most of my stack, and then managed to run 10-7 sooted (flop 7-7-A) all in into the nuts. Yep, the BG had to be holding A7o. A ten came on the turn to leave me with two outs, but no such luck.

The second tournament wasn't much better. I again quickly got down on chips, either raising with decent hands and whiffing completely or limping with marginal hands and, uh, whiffing completely. I did manage to crack AA and QJo with 33, but as I was down under 100 chips (from a starting T1000), all it did was delay the inevitable. I get 6-3 of clubs in a blind, get to see a flop of 4c-5c-10c, push and (of course) run into Ac-9c. I don't hit either of my 2 outs (at least I had the open ended straight flush draw) and it's over again.

One for four on two-outers isn't a bad batting average. It's the getting repeatedly into a position where you only have two outs that's a problem. Mediocre cards + Bad boards + really f'ing stupid loose weak play = Loser.

It's time to re-evaluate.


Drizztdj said...

I've been told to read, read, read while on my losing streak. Give it a try.

Felicia :) said...

It's definitely time to quit poker if you can't even beat BG!