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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On Fire

It was a good weekend. Allow me to bore you with the details.

Things started off properly on Friday night with a brief but profitable session on Prima. I was getting in a few raked hands to play in the 8:30 freeroll when the call came for a last-minute home game. I now know what it feels like to (a) get good starting hands AND (b) hit with them. Those things never seem to go together. Sets, straights, two pair, top pair, awesome. I sucked out at least once (TPTK rivering a second pair to beat a flopped 2 pair) and did not have the favor returned. By the time the game broke up, I had more than quadrupled my $20 buyin.

Saturday featured a mediocre round of golf that still somehow won me five bucks thanks to a timely birdie. I hiked downtown in the evening for the fireworks, which were great (as expected), and provided bouns entertainment, as they did a really nice job of setting the hill on fire. Biggest hill fire I can remember since I was a kid. The paper said that it ended up burning 25 acres.

If it'll let me link, here's a photo:

I may have discovered the craziest monkey game of all -- Prima lists No Limit Omaha/8 Sit-n-Gos, and I played a $5+$0.50 for kicks on Saturday. Wow. I was out in about five minutes, and still had outlasted four players. There was at least one all-in on every single hand, either pre-flop or once the flop came down. I think I got busted when I called two all-ins with top set (but no redraws) which lost to a runner-runner flush. I'm definitely going to try this game again, because if it's the same it may prove helpful in getting me used to folding a lot. When I've been playing O8 SnGs, I've been playing limit (not PL or NL), so I'll have to adjust my thinking a bit. Exercise keeps the brain fresh, or something like that.


Drizztdj said...

I heart O8.

Mookstar said...

do you always play at prima or do you play at other sites as well. I generally play at UltimateBet but i might have to check this out. I will put up a blog on my experiences on my site at