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Friday, August 05, 2005

Now I Know How Monkeys At The Zoo Must Feel

It's been a slow week on the blog front, but that's in part because our little town is currently celebrating (read: enduring) a major summer festival. This is a summer town, where people come, hang out at the beach, shop for cutesy crap in the stores downtown and do all things you would expect tourists on vacation to do. This week, and this week only, multiply that by 1,000x and add a healthy dose of stupidity.

If I had any sense, I'd take the week off. To explain why, here are some visual aids...

My office is on the main drag. Starting about 25 feet west, you have this:

Link to Photo

That's right, a real life carnival. They even have real life toothless hillbilly carnies. And lots of screaming kiddies, although for whatever reason the scream count was way down this year. They must have moved the Tilt-A-Whirl down to the other end or something.

And then, today and tomorrow, you have the following, one-half block east:

Link to Photo

An art fair. (The trees mask 90% of the booths, trust me, it takes up the whole block)

So anyway, I have to walk down that way to do some actual work today. I'm wearing professional attire, namely a shirt and a tie. I'm definitely the only one. Every single other person is in shorts and a T-shirt.

Tomorrow brings a big parade and the best fireworks show you'll ever see (I've seen them in a lot of places, and this is the best, no exaggeration). If you go downtown, they're directly overhead and it's awe-inspiring. Of course, you'll be down there with about 200,000 of your new closest friends, but it's worth it. I just hope you don't have to drive home, because you might not get there until Monday.

So that's my story. I played a little poker on Prima last night and lost $6. I was trying to get in enough raked hands to play tonight's freeroll ... don't remember if I made it.


Chad said...

Consider yourself lucky that you're not in Minneapolis this weekend. Our neighborhood art fair takes up 10 blocks right outside my door.

I can pee out my window and hit all those artsy fartsy people passing by below. =)

on_thg said...

Uptown? (Duh, it's not going to be the Powderhorn Art Fair). I survived that once or twice. I feel your pain.