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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Anyone You Know?

I'm a little late getting with the program, but I just put a few bucks into Full Tilt to try and rack up a few entries to their August "$10,000 per day giveaway". It's pretty cool to see a message pop up in the chat box every once in a while, announcing the names of winners, all of whom get $50 or more.

This was the last message:

System: The following Tilters are the latest winners
in today's "$10K A Day" drawing: Koutar, jrfire,
ocho1288, Boy Genius, HGSDDS $50 Winners

Free money is cool, isn't it?


BG said...

Oh, so THAT'S the asshole... I had to go with "GamblingBlues" on FTP instead.

on_thg said...

Too bad. Maybe you could borrow his luckbox.