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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


If only it had been quick. 18th of 81.

I checked my stats shortly before busting, and it said I'd seen 4% of flops. That happens when you get nothing. I had a couple of baby pairs early in the 1st hour which were folded to sizable reraises. QQ about halfway through the first session picked up the blinds. That was the last pair I saw. I did flop a straight with 32o in the BB (sorry, Maudie). Yippie.

Add in some rapidly escalating blinds and good agressive players, and it's just a matter of time. I finally surrendered at the end of the 2nd hour, went for it with 98o in the SB when I didn't have enough chips to play another orbit, and lost to AK.

Sayonara, Noble Poker. I won't miss you.

I also learned that I am in serious trouble in Vegas. Less than a half a bottle and I'm pretty loopy.

And one more thing about Noble Poker. Yes, the NL tables are laughable. I just played for 15 minutes, had someone call my AA flop all in reraise with A5o (no pair, no draw), doubled up, and immediately cashed out for only $2 less than I put into the site. Assuming my withdrawal goes through, playing WPBT events for virtually free is the best.


TenMile said...

Good playing with you, both tonight and at FTP.

Yeah, Noble is a bit different.

majorcoach said...

Great time tonight. I'd be outta Noble as well, but I haven't finished whoring the damn bonus, (stupid bonus code Iggy). See you back at Party.

Drizztdj said...

Excellent re-raise when we were battling for the blinds early on :)

I withdrew my funds as well from Noble, but those games are sooooo tough to leave for how soft they are.

Easycure said...

Who won the dern thing?