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Monday, May 09, 2005

Seasonal Affective Non-Disorder

Bugs: Duck Season!
Daffy: Rabbit Season!
Bugs: Duck Season!

-- Looney Tunes


Sorry, fellas, it’s neither. It’s golf season.

That’s right, golf season. The time of year when middle-aged white men in polyester pants emerge from the hibernation induced by Michigan’s ten months of winter.


Golf season is all about dragging yourself out of bed at 5:30 on Saturday morning to essentially make a low-stakes wager on who’s in the least bad (least worst?) condition. Skulling wedge shots out of sand traps bunkers into the cemetary across the street. Overtipping the absurdly attractive cart girls when they bring you a cold beverage when you’re parched over on #15. Watching improbable ricochet shots bounce off of trees, rakes, flagsticks, beer bottles and other inanimate (and animate) objects. Draining a long putt and then four-putting from ten feet on the very next hole. I could go on.

Golf season = good times.

What does the change of seasons mean in relation to this here poker blog? Well I’d say that, with multiple exceptions, the cards will probably be put on the back burner for a while. Exception number one will be this week’s Noble Poker freeroll sponsored by the Poker Prof over at…

If I get home from golf league in time, that is.

In other breaking news, not only are people who don’t play on Party Poker idiots, so are most of the people who do. You can take advantage of this fact, but yes, sometimes the dumbasses get the better of you.

Case in point. {skip the following paragraph if you’re annoyed by hand histories}

I hold 55 in MP. Late position raises, there’s a fair amount of money in the pot so I’m going to call one bet. I flop a set on a 4-5-Q board. I bet, everyone drops except the villain, who calls. Turn is a 8 of diamonds (one diamond on the flop). I bet, he calls. River is a 10 of diamonds. I bet, villain raises. I’m willing to eat a bet to see what was being played, since I have little information on this opponent. Top pair/top kicker? Nope. It wasn’t 7-6 or J-9 for a straight. It wasn’t two diamonds for a runner-runner flush. It was a pair of tens, for a rivered second-best possible set.

Note to self: ADD TO BUDDY LIST.

And on a pretty much unrelated subject, you can add mastery of the dramatic slowroll to the mad poker skills possessed by the Boy Genius. That was exceptionally well done.



BG said...

Thank you, thank you...

And by the way? One of those absurdly attractive cart girls is my cousin so BACK OFF BUCKO.

on_thg said...

Absurdly attractive cart girls are not a phenomenon limited to GHGC, man. And they're all 19 or 21, so it's just a matter of silent admiration.

Of course I know your cousin holds a cart girl union card, but I single out nobody. Besides, I haven't seen her out there yet.

Quick draw on the comment, by the way. Bored much?

BG said...

Bored? All day long my man, all day...

Drizztdj said...

Hmmmm... cart girlz

Thanks for the reminder to set up a tee time this weekend!