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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Profiles In Lunacy

I did something radical today. Potentially life changing, albeit on a very, very small scale.

I cancelled my subscription to cable TV.

What's the big deal about that, you may ask? Well, I'm an addict. A hardcore addict. I fully admit I have a problem. TV has always been my friend. When I've needed to relax, the solution has almost always been to go stretch out on the couch and watch something brainless. When I've found myself unable to sleep, it's been there for me -- why just last night when insomnia hit hard, I found a midnight broadcast of "8 Mile". It did the job. TV has also filled empty time -- I've wasted countless hours watching "Road House" for the thirty-seventh time or learning how to make some exotic main course that I'll never attempt since I really don't care much for most seafood.

Today, at least, I quit. Cold turkey even -- our "local" stations are thirty-odd miles away and reception is just about non-existent without an antenna (which I lack). No TV for you.

I expect the withdrawal shakes to set in no later than 10:00 p.m. Is there a patch or pill for this sort of thing? And how long does it take to clean TV out of your system?

I'm hoping to make the decision stick until football season, at least, but I'd put the over/under on how long I last at about six weeks. I suppose that this may make me even more of a social misfit than I am already, since I won't know who won "Survivor" or got kicked off "American Idol". Oh, well. Wait. That rationalization for reconnection won't fly, since I already haven't been watching those shows (or any other current series, other than bits and pieces of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition").

Tangentially, at least, this also has to do with poker. I obviously won't be catching WPT reruns or Celebrity Poker Letdown. And since the cable modem was part of the package, it's not looking like I'll be playing (or blogging) for a few days, at least until I get myself signed up with the much, much cheaper local wifi provider.

The second-guessing begins right now.


Drizztdj said...

Be nice to the guys in the pretty white coats coming out to talk to you.

And nevermind that odd looking jacket they are holding.

BG said...

I guess I'm now expecting a 2AM knock on my door and a dissheveled THG pushing past me saying, "Can't sleep... Is "She's All That" on?"

Human Head said...

A bold move, sir, I congratulate you. There's plenty of porn and video games to be watched/played, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you, I hope.

Poker Nerd said...

Shaking yet?

Easycure said...

Wow....that is radical. I hope you survive it.

Pokerwolf said...

No worries, dude. Congrats on getting unplugged.

You'll know who was kicked off "Survivor" or "American Idol" because everyone will be talking about it. Problem solved.

What you'll find, I'm guessing, is that you'll have LOTS of other time for other things. Maybe you'll play more poker. Perhaps you'll read more poker books. Maybe you'll do something else. Who knows? You'll only find out once you've gotten there.

Huge Junk said...

Maybe now you could get that law degree you've always wanted!

April H. said...

You are much braver than I. Oh, and Tom won Survivor (finale was Sunday) and Bo is going to win Idol. Good luck!

peacecorn said...

Congratulations! TV is the worst thing imaginable for your intellect and creativity. As for missing poker, there are lots of DVDs (and videos if you have a VCR) available now--check eBay for cheap copies. You will also have much more time for blogging!