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Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's The Final Countdown

T-minus six days and counting.

I wasn't being adequately entertained last night playing a couple of micro-buyin tables (way too tired to do anything else; most cash withdrawn for Vegas purposes), so I surfed around and found a site that allows you to play craps with fake chips.

Now, I will freely admit I don't know anything about playing craps. I've never played for real, and my most relevant "experience" anywhere in the vicinity of a craps table was watching BG and Bob get taken to the cleaners by Little River a couple months ago. Now that I've figured out some of the basics, I can understand why the game would be so entertaining live. I also know that I have nowhere near the bankroll to pay anything more than the lowest limits. I had one decent run to 8x my stake, but otherwise the result was invariably the same -- I lost it all, usually sooner rather than later. Rebuy!

Hopefully the utter lack of success was a function of the site being rigged, rather than being an indication that I am a point, seven-out machine.

Speaking of rigged, a note from from our correspondent Dave:

>From: "Dave F. Beatty"
>To: Distribution List
>Subject: May Update
>Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 18:36:12 -0400
>Greetings All:
>It's been a stellar month here at CRAPR as we continue our efforts to get
>to the bottom of the rigging of internet poker. We've received a few dollars
>in donations to fund our work, and are pretty much set up in our new
>office here in sin city. Many thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work
>this month, putting their bankrolls and reputations on the line in support
>of the cause.
>Here's a glance at our new data center:

>We have a new project coming up in June -- Reports have been circulating of a
>new method of rigging used by some of the sites out there. Word is, they're
>not showing players involved in a hand the same flop, turn and river.
>Players are seeing different cards, rigged so they all lose to -- presumably
> -- a shill player.
> We plan to run a single-blind study of this possibility as soon as we have enough volunteers.
>Thanks for your support, and we'll keep you posted.
>Dave F. Beatty
>Executive Director, Center for e-Research About Poker Rigging
>Las Vegas, Nevada USA
>davefbeatty at hotmail duht com

Dave also received another stellar review for RIGGED!, courtesy of a poster on the 2+2 Forums:

My eyes are actually bleeding after reading that piece of crap!

You are the reason it is difficult to have a serious discussion on anything on this site. Just STFU! Freemason's and the NEW WORLD ORDER rig poker lol, and 72 the best hand on the net because of tilt implied odds. (quite possibly the single most retarded thing ive ever heard) I would take the time to refute all the arguments made in that doc, but I am just gonna take it as sarcasm, cause my head might explode if you were serious.

His response: "There's no apostrophe in Freemasons, you MORAN!".

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody.

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