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Friday, May 06, 2005

Almost A Cinderella Story...

But not quite. I even had the headline all thought up: "Sometimes even FISH can go to Vegas".

In case you did not know, Party is running nightly freerolls for a WSOP main event seat. The buyin is 5,000 Party Points. I happened to have enough points sitting around doing me no good, so I entered tonight's event, along with 473 of my fishy friends. And it went pretty well. I dinked around for most of the first hour before starting to pick up some pots.

With 138 players left, I was 2nd in chips.

With 17 players left, I was 1st in chips.

And then the worm turned. AKs lost to KK. AJ lost to a BB who had AQs. By the time we reached the final table, I was down to 28k chips, ahead of only two or three others. It was not to be long now.

The death blow was dealt by the big stack, who went for a routine steal. I reraised all-in from the SB, and he called. My AKo loses to the awesomely powerful ... 98o.

8th place. Paid exactly the same as 474th. Zip.



TenMile said...

Repeat Please:

I Love Party Poker........ .

Easycure said...

Was this post sponsored by Iggy?

Drizztdj said...

I have my post title all saved up should I hit a WSOP buy-in.

Sad isn't it.