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Sunday, February 20, 2005


I think playing different games is messing with my head. I've been getting pretty much killed whenever I play online lately.

A fourth place in tonight's $4,500 guaranteed on Prima more than erases those losses. It's not exactly a huge cash like some of the bloggers out there, but it's enough. Hoo-rah.

Edited to add that I did royally screw up the hand that got me bounced, so at least I'm consistent in that area. I guess I need Phil Hellmuth or some equally ill-tempered superstar around to scream at me "you never go out on a draw, b--ch!"


Huge Junk said...

I typed for the last 2 hours and finally got thru half of what I wanted to say about saturday.

Nice job on the 4th place finish.

Human Head said...

Very Nice!