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Friday, October 01, 2004

People don't respect the HAMMER...

I may have said below that I don't go in with 72s. I'm sticking with that, but from now on, at least at the fake money tables at Stars, I will be playing 72o, and aggressively at that.

Did it last night and got crushed (board was AKJ rainbow, what do you expect), but it was entertaining. And when you're playing with fake chips, of which I have plenty, why not? It's the only truly awful hand I'll be playing, and you've got to change up from time to time.

On another note, I busted a player at a 200-400 fake money limit table last night. He asked the table to help him out with some fake chips so he could stay. I had just cracked his KK, so I sent him 3,000. He promptly took off. Nice. I just about died laughing.

An observer at the table later mentioned the guy had gotten some from another table earlier.

How hard up do you have to be to hit-and-run begging other players for fake money?


Ignatious said...

fine name for a blog, if i say so myself.

on_thg said...

Coming from the godfather of pokerish blogs hisself, high praise indeed. Thanks, man.